Let's Make Self-Taping Easy

We got tired of our clients paying out their hard-earned money for self-taping advice from experts who delivered little more than common sense.

So, we took what we learned from self-taping our clients for major Hollywood films and HBO

and BBC TV series. And we created our own guide. 

And best of all. You Can Download It FREE.


Where Should I Stand?

Should It Be Natural or Artificial Light?

Should I Use Three Point or Four?

Professional Kit or Desk Lamps?


The most important technical element of the professional self-tape

Avoid the 10 Most Common Mistakes

Master Powerful Self-Taping Techniques


Impress CDs with Your Professional Self-Tape

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Self-Taping is THE most efficient and effective way to audition in today's casting industry. 

One of the reasons it's so effecient is that poor quality tapes can be easily deleted

Our mission is to help you to create professional, polished self-tapes that impress Casting Directors and get your tapes seen

Our Guide to Self-Tape Audition Success will help you prepare kick-ass self tapes, without costing you a thing.

That's right. You can download it today, completely FREE.